Homemade Butter

What better way to wake up on a Sunday morning and toasting your sourdough, opening up a jar of your favourit Drunken Sailor jam and spreading your very own homemade butter. its so simple and its tastes so delicious. 

Makes: 500g


  •  1ltr Pure Cream
  • A Pinch of Sea Salt


Using an electric mixer mix until the cream separates (about 8 minutes) strain and reserve the liquid (buttermilk) and mould the solids into a ball. Run under cold water and massage the butter until all the liquid is gone.  I like to add a little bit of salt for flavour.

Wrap butter in baking paper and keep in the fridge.

Spread on toast with a generous amount of your pick of Drunken Sailor Jams.

The reserved buttermilk can now be kept to brine meat, make blini, fried chicken batter and start fermentation.